Laboratory Tests

When we talk about tests to diagnose your pet’s medical condition, we may be talking about checking for common problems like heartworm testing, microscopic intestinal parasite fecal exam and Leukemia/Immunodeficiency Virus testing in cats.

Other laboratory tests that may be helpful include a complete blood count (CBC) to check for infections, anemia and blood clotting problems and blood chemistries to learn the status of organ functions and electrolytes. Thyroid testing may be needed in dogs and cats.

A urinalysis is almost always useful when blood testing is done to complete the internal health picture.

Xrays & Ultrasounds

A more in-depth picture of the physical internal structure can be obtained with radiographs and/or ultrasound. When an animal has eaten something it should not have, or is suspected to have a heart problem or urinary bladder stones, for example, these tests are critical to obtain a diagnosis. We have them available for immediate use when needed.