Be Prepared! July 15th is Pet Fire Safety Day

July 10, 2017

Beat the Heat in July

Be Prepared! July 15th is Pet Fire Safety DayEach year, 40,000 pets die in house fires. And pets start about 1,000 fires every year. These tragic statistics show why it’s so important to prepare for an emergency with your pet in mind. And Pet Fire Safety Day is a great reminder to get ready.

How to Prepare for an Emergency

When practicing your emergency plan, make sure to include your pet. Practice evacuating and agree with your family ahead of time where you will meet in case of a fire. Also:

  • Get a rescue alert sticker, available from many retailers, like these
  • Arrange a safe haven
  • Make an emergency kit
  • Keep identification on your pet

What Should Be Included in Your Pet Emergency Kit?

Your pet’s emergency kit should be small and portable, including only the essentials. Place it close to an exit, so it’s easy to grab. Consider including these items:

  • Food and bottled water
  • Plastic bags and paper towels, to clean up waste
  • Bowl, can opener
  • Medications and medical records
  • Leashes, harnessed or carriers for safe transportation
  • Current photos, in case your pet becomes lost
  • Toys, pet beds
  • Emergency contact numbers

5 More Pet Fire Safety Tips

Watch this short video for five quick safety tips!

5 Fire Safety Tips

Have questions about emergency planning or fire safety? Give us a call at (513) 829-8989.

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