Microchip Your Pet for Outdoor Safety

July 21, 2016

Microchipping your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret or other pet is a great safety measure, especially in the summer. With outdoor parties, opening doors, vacations and fun day trips, there’s an increased likelihood of your pet escaping your supervision. Even if your pet loses its collar and tags, the microchip will still be there.

Microchip Your Pet for Outdoor SafetyA microchip uses RFID technology to store a unique ID number that can be scanned at veterinarian offices and animal shelters around the world. Once scanned, the pet’s profile is displayed, along with contact information for returning the pet home.

If your pet doesn’t yet have a microchip, call us to make an appointment. Learn more about microchipping and watch the easy procedure in this video with Steve Dale’s Pet World:

Watch the video: Dog Microchipping

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