Be Prepared! July 15th is Pet Fire Safety Day

July 10, 2017

Beat the Heat in July

Be Prepared! July 15th is Pet Fire Safety DayEach year, 40,000 pets die in house fires. And pets start about 1,000 fires every year. These tragic statistics show why it’s so important to prepare for an emergency with your pet in mind. And Pet Fire Safety Day is a great reminder to get ready.

How to Prepare for an Emergency

When practicing your emergency plan, make sure to include your pet. Practice evacuating and agree with your family ahead of time where you will meet in case of a fire. Also:

  • Get a rescue alert sticker, available from many retailers, like these
  • Arrange a safe haven
  • Make an emergency kit
  • Keep identification on your pet

What Should Be Included in Your Pet Emergency Kit?

Your pet’s emergency kit should be small and portable, including only the essentials. Place it close to an exit, so it’s easy to grab. Consider including these items:

  • Food and bottled water
  • Plastic bags and paper towels, to clean up waste
  • Bowl, can opener
  • Medications and medical records
  • Leashes, harnessed or carriers for safe transportation
  • Current photos, in case your pet becomes lost
  • Toys, pet beds
  • Emergency contact numbers

5 More Pet Fire Safety Tips

Watch this short video for five quick safety tips!

5 Fire Safety Tips

Have questions about emergency planning or fire safety? Give us a call at (513) 829-8989.

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Get Involved in July!

June 26, 2017

Make a Summer Commitment to Help Animals in Need

These animal events for a cause are scheduled for July 2017, and your participation would help even more animals in need! From local to road trip, consider these three options for sharing your love and time.

Animal Adoption Foundation Volunteer Orientation

Get Involved in July!Volunteers are always needed at Animal Adoption Foundation, and this July could be your chance to start making a difference in the lives of Hamilton, OH cats and dogs. First, complete their volunteer application, then sign up for these orientation classes:

Level 1 and 2 classes are offered on the same day, so you can take one right after the other.

2017 Hank Kabel Sarcoma 5K Walk/Run for Canine Cancer

Get Involved in July!Take a road trip to Lancaster, OH to benefit canine cancer organization Hank Kabel Sarcoma Foundation. The 5K Walk/Run is Saturday, July 15 at 8:30 A.M.

The event is held to help the Hank Kabel Sarcoma Foundation raise money and awareness for canine cancer and to honor Hank and all other dogs who have lost their battle to this devastating disease. Prizes and recognition will be given to teams who raise the most money, and to the winners of the race.

For tickets and to learn more, click here.

Greyt Greyhound Gathering

Get Involved in July!Head south to Shelbyville, KY and show your support for greyhounds with this event by Kentucky Greyhound Placement. This free festival is Saturday, July 22 from 10AM-5PM.

Event will include Blessing of the Hounds, prepaid catered lunch, costume contest, Ask the Vet and live music during the closing of the silent auction and lots of vendors (for greyhounds, dogs, also hand crafted items as well as Kentucky themed items. In space is available additional vendors will also be included). Admission is free (no ticket required), unless you want the prepaid lunch, email for information.

Learn more and register for the gathering by clicking here.

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Stay Flea-Free in May!

May 18, 2017

Stay Flea-Free in May!

The Risks of Fleas

Ohio has a particularly long flea and tick season, from March through December. This chart from the American Kennel Club shows how we compare to the rest of the country:

Flea Season

Besides being pests, fleas carry several risks for animals and humans, as listed below.

Flea Risks for Pets

Without flea preventive medication, cats and dogs can suffer from fleas in several ways:

  • Skin irritation – Intense itching and scratching can result in hair loss
  • Flea allergy dematitis – An unpleasant skin condition caused by an allerty to the fleas’ saliva
  • Anemia – Puppies and kittens are at the highest risk due to persistent blood loss
  • Tapeworm infestation – Fleas can carry tapeworm eggs inside their body. If a flea is ingested by your pet, they can become infested with tapeworms

Flea Risks for Humans

Fleas don’t discriminate between you and your pet. Any mammal is fair game! If your cat or dog becomes infested with fleas, the humans in your home may suffer from these risks:

  • Flea bites – can cause itching and soreness
  • Disease transmission – Cat-scratch disease can be transmitted through fleas, causing flu-like symptoms in humans

If you have any questions about fleas, or to get your pet started on a flea preventive, give us a call at (513) 829-8989.

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April is All About Heartworm Prevention

April 13, 2017

Heartworm Awareness Facts

Heartworm Prevention: Weigh the Costs

Heartworm in DogsMosquito season has started in Southeastern Ohio. The American Heartworm Society offers a very good explanation of how these pesky insects can deliver a deadly disease to your dog or cat:

“The mosquito plays an essential role in the heartworm life cycle. Adult female heartworms living in an infected dog, fox, coyote, or wolf produce microscopic baby worms called microfilaria that circulate in the bloodstream. When a mosquito bites and takes a blood meal from an infected animal, it picks up these baby worms, which develop and mature into “infective stage” larvae over a period of 10 to 14 days. Then, when the infected mosquito bites another dog, cat, or susceptible wild animal, the infective larvae are deposited onto the surface of the animal’s skin and enter the new host through the mosquito’s bite wound.”

$1,200 – $1,800: Cost of Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm in CatsHeartworm infections are expensive and can be dangerous to treat. If your dog or cat needs heartworm treatment, it will include:

  • Lab tests
  • X-Rays
  • Medications
  • Post-Treatment Preventative
  • Vet Fees

$70 – $200: Cost of One Year of Heartworm Prevention

Cat and Dog on Heartworm PreventativeOn the other hand, heartworm prevention is fairly economical and simple. Just give your pet the preventative medication every month, and your cat or dog will be safe from this disease.

Learn More About Heartworm Disease and Prevention

Watch this helpful animation video to learn more about the heartworm lifecycle and how infections affect animals.

Heartworm Disease Information

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Top 10 Toxins and Poisons for Dogs and Cats

March 9, 2017

Top 10 Toxins for Dogs and Cats

Get smart about these top toxins and poisons– keep them safely away from your cats and dogs.

Top 10 Toxins and Poisons for Dogs

  1. Chocolate
  2. Mouse and rat poisons (rodenticides)
  3. Vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin D and Iron
  4. Human and veterinary pain relievers
  5. Heart medications (e.g., calcium channel blockers, beta blockers)
  6. Cold and allergy medications (e.g., pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine)
  7. Antidepressants (e.g., selective seratonin)
  8. Xylitol (a sweetener found in sugar-free gum and other low-calorie foods)
  9. Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol)
  10. Caffeine pills

Top 10 Toxins and Poisons for Cats

  1. Topical, spot-on insecticides
  2. Household cleaners
  3. Antidepressants (e.g., selective seratonin)
  4. Lilies of all kinds
  5. Insoluble oxalate plants (e.g., Philodendron, dieffenbachia, elephant’s ear)
  6. Human and veterinary pain relievers
  7. Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol)
  8. Glow sticks
  9. ADD/ADHD medications/ amphetamines
  10. Mouse and rat poisons (rodenticides)

Watch These Short Videos on Toxicities and Poisons for More Information

To learn more about these common and deadly substances, watch these four short videos on Pet Toxins from Dr. Robert Wood.

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February is for Love (and Dental Health!)

February 22, 2017

Dental Do’s and Don’ts – Caring for Your Pet’s Teeth May Be Easier Than You Think

February is for Love (and Dental Health!)

Cat Dental HealthTaking care of your pet’s teeth is very important for their health. Poor dental health is bad for your pet’s mouth, but also for their kidney, liver and heart. Fortunately, caring for your dog or cat’s dental health requires just a few simple do’s and don’ts.

Pet Dental DOs

  • DO take advantage of food, treats and toys. Look for specially-formulated food and treats for dental care.
  • DO check your pet’s mouth weekly for signs of dental issues.

Dog Dental HealthPet Dental DON’Ts

  • DON’T ignore the signs:
    • Red, swollen gums
    • Increased drooling
    • Dropping food from mouth
    • Whining while eating
    • Loss of appetite or weight
    • Loose or discolored teeth
    • Bleeding from the mouth
    • Decreased energy
    • Unwillingness to play with toys
  • DON’T avoid brushing your pet’s teeth. For best results, get your pet used to having their teeth brushed at an early age.

Watch this video for tips on brushing your dog’s teeth:

Please reach out to us if you notice any signs of dental disease in your cat or dog– We want to help your pet live the longest, happiest life possible!

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Mega Adoption Event this Weekend!

February 7, 2017

My Furry Valentine Mega Adoption Event

Cincinnati’s Largest Pet Adoption Event

Meet lovable cats and dogs (and other small critters!) looking for the best Valentine ever – a forever home. Dozens of rescue groups and shelters come together— some offering same-day adoptions that could see you heading home with your new heartthrob that day. Or, just go on a few “first dates” to see if any sparks fly!

Mega Adoption Event this Weekend!

Saturday, February 11th, 12 pm – 6 pm
Sunday, February 12th, 10 am – 5 pm

My Furry Valentine Website
My Furry Valentine on Facebook

Sharonville Convention Center
11355 Chester Road
Cincinnati, OH 45246

General Admission: $5/person, for ages 5 and up
Early Bird Admission: $25 for 1 – $40 for 2
Children 17 & under are free when accompanying an adult

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Trick or Treat with Your Dog this Sunday!

October 18, 2016

HOWL at VOA MetroPark, 12:30 PM Sunday October 23

Trick or Treat with Your Dog this Sunday!Join us with your dogs and kids for a fun Halloween celebration. Registration starts at 12:30, and there’s a costume parade from 1-1:30PM. Trick-or-treating for canines and kids alike start after the parade.

Price is $5 per dog. Children are free with a paid canine. Proceeds support the Wiggley Field Dog Park Fund.

Voice of America MetroPark Gazebo
7850 VOA Park Dr.
West Chester, OH 45069

Visit the MetroParks of Butler County website for more information.

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See Service Dogs in Action

October 10, 2016

This month, we recognize service dogs for all they they do. There are many kinds of service animals, and they provide support, companionship and help to millions of people. Here are some of the different types of service dogs:

  1. Guide dogs for the blind
  2. Hearing dogs
  3. Medical assistance dogs
  4. Mobility dogs
  5. Medical alert dogs
  6. Psychiatric service dogs

Watch these three stories to learn more about different kinds of service dogs and the amazing things they do.

Amazing Service Dog Helps Kids with Autism

“Yori is a service dog from Canine Companions for Independence that is making a world of difference in the lives of non verbal autistic students at Hope Elementary in Carlsbad, CA.”

Diabetic Alert Dog in Action

“My Diabetic Alert Dog alerting to a low blood sugar scent. Duncan is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is alerting to the chemical scent that is released in our bodies when our blood glucose levels are low / high. He was trained by taking samples of this scent.”

Legally Blind Runner and Her Guide Dog

“Meet Sami Stoner and her dog, Chloe. The legally blind athlete and her dog run cross country together!”

More Ways to Enjoy October with Your Pet

October is a busy month for pets! Celebrate these additional pet-centered topics, like National Cat Day October 29th.

October Pet Themes

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Senior Pet Wellness Month Specials

September 8, 2016

September is Senior Pet Wellness Month. Cats become seniors around nine years of age, while dogs are considered seniors at just seven years.

Senior Pet Wellness Month Specials

We would love to help your senior pet stay healthy and happy. Senior pets are more susceptible to disease and injury, which can be treated more effectively with preventive care. Celebrate Senior Pet Wellness by bringing your senior cat or senior dog in for a routine lab screening.

Save 25% on Senior Pet Wellness Labwork

From September 12-26, Senior pet Wellness Screens are just $75, a 25% savings. Senior pets are 7+ years old.

This visit includes:

  • Complete blood count
  • Chemistry profile
  • Urine

Special Price for Young Adult Wellness Labwork

Preventive care is important at all stages of your pet’s life. So, we don’t want to leave out the younger pets! From September 26 – October 10, bring in your young adult pet (age 6 or younger) for a Wellness Screen at the special price of $50.

This visit includes:

  • Complete blood count
  • Chemistry profile

Offer only valid with routine check-ups/ healthy pets. This wellness screen does not include care for pets who are ill. Please call (513) 829-8989 to make an appointment and to discuss any questions you have about our special offers.

Learn more about senior pet health in Vet Street’s article, “How to Help Your Dog or Cat Age Gracefully:”

Pets age much the same as we do but at an accelerated rate. In order to help offset this faster aging process and detect potentially serious age-related diseases and conditions at the earliest stages, most veterinarians recommend that healthy senior dogs and cats be examined every six months. Scheduling these regular wellness exams is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your senior pet healthy. Why? Because the earlier your pet’s health problems are detected, the more options you and your veterinarian have to either cure them, slow their progression or help keep your pet more comfortable.

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