Say ‘Goodbye!’ to Ticks and Fleas

May 23, 2016

Applying flea and tick prevention to your pets will keep your pets from becoming infested, but it won’t guarantee a pest-free environment. Ticks and fleas can still make their way into your yard and home. With summer around the corner, follow these simple tips for saying goodbye (and good riddance!) to fleas and ticks.

Create a Tick-Free Zone in Your Backyard

Despite regular, year-round use of preventatives, your pet can still be exposed to ticks– even in your backyard. But did you know you can make your yard less attractive to ticks? It’s all about how you landscape. Here are some simple tricks and techniques you can employ this year to help reduce tick populations around your home.

Create a Tick-Free Zone in Your Backyard

Keep Your Home from Being a Flea Magnet

Fleas flourish in certain environments. Eliminating their enviroment will help prevent infestations in your home and yard. Here’s what fleas love.

Outside the Home

For successful reproduction, fleas select protected, shady, undisturbed areas. For example:

  • Porches
  • Decks
  • Stairs
  • Around doghouses
  • Inside the Home

Inside your home, fleas thrive in these areas:

  • In pet beds
  • Under furniture
  • Buried deep in carpets

What You Can Do to Prevent Fleas

What You Can Do to Prevent Fleas

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